Kings Grant, Fenwick Island

“During our working with Brendan Crotty in the process of selling our beach property in Fenwick Island, we have come to know him as an attentive, knowledgeable, capable and successful realtor. In addition, he is one with extraordinary customer service skills who recognizes how stressful selling a house can be and who strives to make the process easier for his clients. From our listing interview with Brendan to closing, we have felt Brendan’s demonstrated commitment to us throughout the entire process.

Brendan Crotty accomplished in six months what another realtor couldn’t do in six and a half years. Brendan, through his community and professional associations, his up-to-date real estate marketing knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge for optimum response, and his intense focus on and to us as one of his valued clients, provided us with impressive client service (5 STAR) and successful results!

When our property needed electrical and plumbing repairs and updating, he provided us with names of low-cost and capable contractors with whom he had previous dealings. When our compressor and heat pump system went after 30 years of service, he provided a contractor who, by himself, installed a new system at half the cost estimated by our contracted HVAC company in ONE day!

If we couldn’t talk with Brendan when we called him, he always got back to us and almost always within an hour! This was very important to us, as we were anxious to resolve our questions in order to move on.

We had more “real” showings to individual/interested buyers in the six months we were with Brendan than in the previous six years. The buy offer came on New Year’s Day and since the buyers did not want the furnishings, we were faced with a complex and very stressful time preparing for a closing date that was just six weeks away. We were able to have relatives take some pieces; we wanted to keep a few pieces; the rest we wanted to give to a charity or just have hauled away. We hired a company to help us load a U-Haul for the pieces we wanted and to remove the left over furniture pieces for sale or disposal. The company we hired never showed up and we (ages 82 and 75) were faced with loading the U-Haul ourselves and finding a solution for the left over furniture. We felt we could handle all the loading ourselves except for one piece (a convertible sofa.) We called Brendan to relay our problem and without any hesitation, what so ever, he volunteered to come down and help us. He was there within the hour and we got it done! We were astounded that any realtor would go the extra mile to help a client in such a stressful situation. He then went one step further. We still had four heavy pieces to remove within the week and two days later, Brendan, through his contacts, was able to get a couple to come and take these last pieces – which he also helped load on their truck!

We can’t say enough about Brendan’s extraordinary service and we thank our lucky stars we chose him.”

— F. B. & S.S.